Preparation for the art piece started with the newspaper articles being added to raw canvas

                   "Peace Is The Virtue”  
                    acrylic and newspaper on raw canvas 32” H X 15” W

  The next step was to add a sketch of the image and the quote from Victor Hugo for "Peace Is A Virtue"

“Peace Is The Virtue” art piece was modelled after a smaller one from my artwork series "Change"“Peace Is The Virtue” collage-oil pastel, marker, print on paper 17” H X 15” W.

The image is taken from a photo of the Nazi’s army at a massive rally with Hitler readying for WW2. I abstracted the army in the painting giving an impression of it. The  cupid angel is poised, readying to shoot the arrow into the mass of soldiers with the intention to elicit change, stop war and bring peace. Wouldn't it be an awesome sight to have that many assembled to work towards values we hold dear..equality for all..a healthy, peaceful world...

The articles underneath have the following headlines “ Trump was made in USA” “Taunting Trump right back”  I like that this particular headline is visible amidst the soldiers…A message for “the world’s biggest coward.”

The evocative quote from Victor Hugo says it all “ Peace Is The Virtue of Civilisation ~ War Is It’s Crime.” I initially had used a quote by Jimi Hendrix but decided on this one after all.

Sampling of Estimates of Deaths From War

Iraq War              179,000

World War 2       50-70 million

Vietnam War   1,313.000

World War 1       38  million



"Peace Is The Virtue"


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