"Shared Humanity" in the making

detail of "Shared Humanity"

detail of "Shared Humanity"

              “Shared Humanity”  
      acrylic and newspaper on raw canvas 32” H X 42” W

 "Shared Humanity"

The figure in the painting was influenced by an art work I did
 “Sign of Peace” marker, oil pastel on paper 17” H X 13.5” W.

There is a freedom and sense of abandon I find when working with markers and oil pastel on paper that is a worthy challenge to reinterpret and convey with paint. 

This was the first piece I did in the “Covering The News" series and as such has the spirit and intent of the series. You can see traces of the articles showing through...such as...”Broad crackdown includes new rules on deportations and the targeting of sanctuary cities.” “President Trump's executive order to immediately start construction of a border wall has widened his rift with Mexico and placed pressure on Mexican President...”

 I like the rawness of working on unprimed canvas and the textures and effects that happen when paint is applied. The words added speak to the needs of the times...“protect civil liberties...justice for all...freedom...shared humanity.”

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