Step one in preparing the artwork "Human For Peace was putting news articles on raw canvas

  The next step was sketching "Human For Peace" on the newspaper and raw canvas

                  “Human For Peace” 

         acrylic and newspaper on raw canvas 32”H x 25” W

"Human For Peace"

 "Human For Peace" is modelled after a smaller piece called “Peace” from the series “Change.” Figure with peace symbol -marker and oil pastel on paper 17” H X 11” W.

Headlines, subheads and captions on the underlying articles…
“TRUMP FIRES DEFIANT U.S. JUSTICE OFFICIAL” “Acting attorney general questioned the legality of his refugee order” “White House aides see travel ban as just a start” Supreme Court Battle May Go “NUCLEAR.” “In conservative Arizona, many find a new hope” “Finding their voices” “A freewheeling foreign policy’ Local officials rebuked for defending “sanctuary cities”



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