“Take A Stand”  
            acrylic and newspaper on raw canvas 32” H X 26” W

“Take A Stand” is modelled after a smaller piece from my artwork series “Change." The piece “Take A Stand” one collage- oil pastel, images, text applied to colour paper   17” H x 10” W.

The main image in the piece is the historic photo of a man standing in front of a column of tanks on June 5, 1989, the morning after the Chinese military had suppressed the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 by force. As the lead tank maneuvered to pass by the man, he repeatedly shifted his position in order to obstruct the tank's attempted path around him. His bravery to resist in the face of such military might became an iconic image of the power of one to make a difference.

Headlines of the article adhered to the raw canvas “Early missteps mark path ahead” “Parents’ wish won’t be borne out” “Taking it to the streets.” You can clearly see part of the phrases especially “Taking it to the streets” which is certainly what this man did and millions are doing it today.

Certainly the times we live in call for us to stand up for what we believe though being part of a peaceful demonstration is more to my liking then going up against tanks!



Preparing the first stage of

"Take A Stand" by putting newspaper articles on raw canvas

 The next step was to do the sketch of the art piece over the newspaper and raw canvas

"Take A Stand"


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