Janet Wallace
Janet Wallace Janet working on "Celebration of The Sea" 2200 sq. ft temporary mural around Al Mare Restaurant mural while it was under reconstruction on Santa Monica in 2012.

  sections of Mid City Magnet Murals L.A.

Art Marks Clothing Originals

Janet Wallace "Celebration of The Sea Mural"

 section of 2200 sq' Santa Monica Pier

Janet Wallace has created artwork including large scale murals and commissioned pieces throughout her life and enjoys exploring and expressing her creativity in many forms. Despite being active as an artist, Janet rarely exhibits. However, the current political climate and challenge to all that she believes in has motivated her to do this series: “Covering The News.”


Janet graduated from NSCAD (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) University in Halifax Nova Scotia in the early '70s during a period of rapid change. At the school, one of these changes was the inception of the “World Encounter Program", through which Janet and 12 other students traveled the world for a year while discovering the art and culture of various countries. This trip was a revelatory experience.

Among other things, Janet was exposed to Eastern philosophies and teachings and to the wisdom of a young teacher who she met in India, Prem Rawat. To this day accessing the inner experience shared by Prem is a core practice that Janet prioritizes, and it has influenced and shaped her life and work.

 Janet earned a B.F.A. in Fine Arts with a teaching degree in art education and a major in painting. For more than 35 years she has been working as an artist, designer, and art instructor. Her passion for teaching art has brought her students of all ages over the years.

During the past 18 years she has created over 40 large-scale murals in the Los Angeles area, many of which are at schools and have themes such as the importance of environmental protection, celebrating diversity, sports, education, and history. The school mural projects were done with community involvement and the participation of local children, which drew on Janet’s strength and enthusiasm as an educator.

Janet particularly enjoys working on projects that have real significance to the community and make a difference. She believes that art should be accessible, engaging and informing people in their daily lives. Janet appreciates the ownership that people take when they participate in the mural projects and the fact that the students' daily school lives are brightened and influenced by seeing the murals.

In the '80s and early '90s Janet headed a company called Art Marks, creating original clothing and product designs with silk-screened and hand-painted surface images. Art Marks items were sold through high-end stores and boutiques in Vancouver, Los Angeles, and New York. Janet enjoyed the diversity of this experience because it developed her business acumen as it drew on and allowed her to explore her entrepreneurial spirit and creativity.

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